Thursday, January 29, 2009

Be Boring!

Tonight's training started with Olympic lifts, snatches and cleans.  The technical aspects of my lifts are starting to improve and I'm really enjoying the lifting.  Olympic lifts are just fun, call me crazy but I'd be doing them even if I wasn't playing football.  Nothing works the body in such a global manner like the Olympic lifts.  

Yet again the atmosphere at Excel is tremendous, I can't imagine another gym where you have over a hand full of legitimate experts critiquing your technique and providing cues and instruction.  I especially like to watch the technique of one of the national level lifters in the gym, Yasha Kahn.  Today he was booming up 170kg+ cleans like they were nothing.  Being a visual learner and a competitor, watching him really gets me fired up to lift.  As on Tuesday, the OL's preceded the sprint work and served as potentiation.  Once I start lifting over 85% of my max, we'll move the lifts to after the sprint work as the stimulus will be too much for potentiating the sprints.  Heres the workout: 
Snatch 4x4 w/135 (easy but technique still needs a little work-not finishing pull)
Clean 4x2 w/ 242 (feels great to clean from the floor again)
Shake (1 1/2 scoop whey, 1 scoop maltodextrin, 1 scoop dextrose)

After this workout we went to the Reggie Lewis Center for sprints.  We ran out to 15m today and the workout was good although I had some technical errors.  I reverted back to some bad habits with my arm split at the start, Carl has a drill that we've been doing that has been successful at fixing this problem so we'll be incorporating it from here on out.  The good news is that I'm getting better at continuing to get full extension through 10-15 yards.  I still need to "commit to the push" as Carl says but there has been marked improvement in this area this week.  

The title of this entry comes from a mistake I made when we pulled out the watch to time a 10 yard segment.  I let some of the excitement get to me and I came out a little different than usual.  I haven't looked at the video yet, but I felt like I made a definite misstep at about step 2 or 3.  The lesson learned is that you should never try to do something special, just do what you've been doing all along.  Carl tells me that when March 3rd comes around I should be bored because all I'll be doing is replicating what I've already done in practice.  Mistakes come in when you try and do something special rather than execute what has already been done.  In the future I'm going to try and keep a "quiet mind" and just do what I've been trained to do.  Lesson learned!

After the running we went back to Excel to finish off with some lifts.  The workout:
Walking Lunges (20 yards)- 25's, 35's, 45's, 55's dumbbells
Lateral Lunge/squat- 2x8 w/25 lbs. dumbbells
Arabesque Reach- 3x8 w/5 pound dumbbells

After the workout we picked up some Chinese food, beef and broccoli with carrots.  Very good!  I'll finish up tonight with some cottage cheese and maybe a PBJ.  

Tomorrow I'm headed back to Woburn for some more fantastic soft tissue work and massage.  The massage and soft tissue work has been nothing short of phenomenal.  I've trained 8 days straight and my body feels great and my progress has been linear, I attribute this to great programming by Carl and top notch soft tissue work.  

I can't wait for tomorrow afternoon when Lauren gets here!  I'm so excited to see her and experience Boston with her, I always enjoy things more when she's by my side.  I am however, curious to see how she handles the cold.  Last time we were north of the Mason-Dixon line she wasn't too happy with the weather.  We were in Virginia in March 2006 visiting my cousin Emilee.  I can remember being at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, and I was floating on cloud nine enjoying this center cut of beauty and splendor.  Just as my internal orchestra was moving from Vivaldi's "Spring" from the Four Seasons to Bach's "Air on the G String" (thats the name of the song for all you trashbags out there!) things came to a screeching halt when I was blindsided by an angry eskimo (Lauren) who wanted to get out of the cold!  With the forecast predicting 26 for the high on Saturday, I might be like Paul Revere if I want to walk the Freedom Trail, RIDING ALONE!  FYI, for all you history buffs out there, I know he didn't ride alone but I needed something for the previous sentence and that fit quite well!

Big News!  Today we got our wedding pictures!  They can be viewed at .  I think they turned out awesome and I want to extend our thanks to Huy and his crew from f8, they are true professionals and I highly recommend their services to anyone who is getting married or just wants to capture a special moment.  They are the best!

She still overwhelms me!

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