Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday was a first for me.  I've never really experienced a legitimate, bona-fide snowstorm!  Sure I've encountered the occasional dusting and I'll never forget the Leon Lett fiasco of Thanksgiving '93.  

But this was much different, this was how I would envision looking out the window soaking up the apres-ski in Vail after sailing down numerous double black diamonds........ except for the skiing part for those of you who were in Ruidoso '06! I awoke to a blanket of white that I've never seen before.  While picturesque, it did seem to deter many Bostonites from getting out on the road.  Carl and I were not among them..... 

After a delicious breakfast of 3 pieces of french toast and 5 poached eggs, we set out to Woburn to get top notch soft-tissue therapy, massage and gait analysis.  Following a great session, we made it back to the gym and ordered some lunch from Uno.  I had basil salmon with wild rice and mashed potatoes, tasty!  After lunch I started my workout:

A1. Physioball walkouts- 3x8 reps
B1. Weighted Pull-ups w/ vest- 4x8 reps
C1. DB Bench Press- 1x8 w/ 80 lbs., 3x6 w/ 100 lbs. dumbbells
D1. Seated Cable Row (focus on scapular retraction) - 4x6 w/ 170 lbs.
E1. Shoulder press from lunge position- 4x12 w/ 50 lbs. dumbbells
E2. Oblique Pulls- 4x8
F1. EZ Bar Curls- 2x8 w/ 65 lbs. 3x5 w/100 lbs.
G1. Tricep pushdown- 4x8 w/ 130 lbs.

Following the weights, Carl massaged my quads and hamstrings for almost an hour to work out the kinks and knots that arise from a quality speed session.  

Overall a very good workout.  It got the blood pumping and provided some structural cross-section work.  Carl is doing a great job of assigning an optimal workload.  I've worked out every day since I've arrived and my body feels great, especially after my marathon sleep session last night! 

As I write this I'm listening to Fernando Ortega and getting ready to grab lunch, I always find his music to be especially soothing to the soul, like a psalmist.  Tonight's workout will be very similar to my session on Tuesday night.  In that session I was able to make great progress on my start.  I'm finding that accelerating optimally is about getting into the proper angles and positions and applying force efficiently.

This still provides a good example of what things should look like coming out of the start.  Notice the triple extension (ankle, knee and hip) and the straight line of force from the foot to the head.  Also look at the shin angle of the right leg, this is a great angle for applying force quickly because there will be no tibial roll in this position.  While I still have things to work on, this is what we are looking for at the start.  By March 3rd this start should be about as fluid as Usher's performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show , right Zack and Ski!  "Like a young James Brown" according to Coach Harold Jackson!

Lauren arrives tomorrow, I can't wait to see her pretty face and hold her tight!  I think we are going to do some sightseeing during my downtime, I'm a huge history buff and the Revolutionary War is my favorite to study.  Boston is full of historical sites from that time period and I can't wait to walk the Freedom Trail, see Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church, USS Constitution, etc.  I also want to see Lexington and Concord and go to Plymouth Rock.  My mom has also recommended eating at the Old Wayside Inn, the oldest operating inn in the U.S (over 300 years old!).  As you can see I'm very giddy about this weekend, life is good and I'm so very blessed!

I'll check back in tonight after my training session.



  1. Thomas have you ever thought about taking up writing. You're very good at it.

    You guys have a wonderful weekend!

    Loads of love, Dedra

  2. Thomas you remind me of Spike on 'Little Giants' who does a pull-up on his dad's arm and has his hamstrings massaged with buttermilk every night!

    One if by land,