Sunday, January 25, 2009


I arrived in Boston Wednesday morning to 8 degree weather, almost automatically I thought of Sanka from Cool Runnings "I'm not smoking, I'm FREEZIN'!" Talk about an adjustment after spending half a month in and around the Tropics!

 As many of you know I'm in Boston for the next 6 weeks preparing for the biggest job interview of my life: Pro Day. In order to put my best foot forward, I've enlisted the help of Coach Carl Valle. Carl has trained numerous Olympians, various athletes from the NFL and MLB and is a genius in the field of human performance. Carl has a holistic approach to training in which all the elements bleed together to create a whole that is even greater than the sum of the parts. I'm very excited to be here and I'm anticipating fantastic results.

I'm living in the town of Waltham (sounds like WALL-THAM rather than WAL-THUMB), leave it up to the yankees to complicate such an issue, just kidding! From everything I have seen it's a charming little town and everyone that I've met has been very kind. I'm weight-training at Excel Sport and Fitness in Waltham and the facility is top notch, everything I need and more. For my sprint training I go to the Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury, the track is a Mondo surface and extremely fast. My sessions thus far have been enlightening, I can't imagine where I'll be come March.

While I spend most of my day lifting, sprinting, eating and sleeping; I spend the rest of it thinking of my beautiful wife Lauren! I'm so blessed to have her and I love her with everything I am. She has been so supportive of me, my lifelong dream of playing in the NFL has truly become "our" dream and I'm working just as much for her as I am for myself. I love you girl!

I'll do my best to stay current with this blog and keep everyone aware of my day to day movements. Gotta run and eat my last meal of the day, cottage cheese with fruit and a few slices of turkey. Massage and bodywork at 9:30 in the morning!

God Bless,



  1. Cottage cheese, fruit, and turkey slice! Haha sounds like a Men's Health diet to me! Glad to see you finally came around. On a side note, Sam Adam White Ale came out this weekend, I'm very pleased with this.

    -Mystery Guest

  2. I love it! Thank you for my paragraph! That made my week! 3 days!!! I cannot wait!

    Love you.

  3. Hey Thomas - Have you gotten blinded by all the white yet? Gosh,I think I should "train" right along with you...I'd definitely loose weight and get in shape. You have such discipline. Send me your diet might help me...seriously! We could both be success stories. We're hoping you and Lauren can have dinner with us Saturday night...and stay with us if you'd like. We'd love it. The more time the better. Aunt Bev

  4. Tom,
    So I must say that I recently confused you with one of those kids at common grounds pounding their keys with no remorse as they strive to conjure and evoke emotions from their blog readers... at least I've been following your adventures in Bostonland. Anyways, I was accepted to law school at the University of Wyoming and I am still waiting on hearing back from CU, DU, SMU, and Ole Miss. I just wasn't good enough for Cincinnati or UGA but hey, I didnt expect to get into every law school I applied to... Hope everything is going well - Shiner just came out with 100th anniversary beer brewed in the old German Stark tradition... its good.
    Peace and Love,

  5. Brooks!

    Good to hear from you buddy and nice attempt at busting my chops at the outset, you'll get there as your exposure to Brennan, Dave (somehow at the pinnacle of his game), Jon and yours truly really sets in. That's great news man, your hardwork is paying off. Speaking of exposure, let's hope that SMU is your future home so we can all continue what we've started. However, if Laramie is your future home, I can be obliged to fly on up and do my best "River Runs Through It"/"Legends of the Fall" impression! Hope all is well and we will hit the Bear post Pro Day!

    Grace and peace,


  6. BP- think snack not meal! I'm not on the grandpa Randy foraging diet just yet! By the way as I said over on twitter, cottage cheese plus protein is money! It's kind of ironic that I'm in the beer capital of the U.S but I'm not partaking, we'll have to take down a pitcher of the Sam White after pro day at Fireside.

    Beverly- I'm starting to get used to seeing snow instead of grass! I don't think you'd like my diet plan, almost as much eating as breathing! I'll try and schedule things so that we can spend some time with you over the weekend.

  7. Yay for Brooks! Yay for Brooks! I'm so excited for you! Pi Phi ditto what Thomas said - I hope you end up at SMU!!! U r soooo Dallas! hahaha