Thursday, February 5, 2009

On the Grind

No this post is not about a wittily named coffee shop and no I haven't converted to the dark side; posting blogs while sipping a latte at Common Grounds!  Instead it refers to the state of mind I've been in, keeping my head to the grindstone.  We've entered a phase in which progress comes at the expense of hard work and intelligent planning rather than trimming the fat off technique and setups.  Sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward.  

The workout on Tuesday was interesting.  While I showed up at Reggie Lewis fully prepared for a dynamite workout, the warmup revealed that I simply didn't have my "A" game.  The fact is that I was just flat.  Call it CNS fatigue, muscular fatigue or whatever; I just didn't have it.  This is where I made a big mistake.  Rather than accepting that I wasn't going to be setting any PR's and simply focusing on execution, I tried to ram a square peg in a round hole and "force" performance.  If you know anything about sprinting, the best performances are directly correlated with relaxation and often feel easy.  I was especially frustrated because my last session on Saturday was fantastic and I fully expected Tuesday to be just as good.  Carl was quick to assure me that this fatigue was normal and told me to focus on execution.  I should be able to show up on March 3rd in any circumstance and execute my race plan, my worst day should be better than other's best days.  As I've often observed in my walk with the Lord, feelings can be deceiving and do not always represent truth.  This situation is no different, no matter how I feel I can execute my plan and expect results.  After finishing up at Reggie, we went to excel for some technical snatches.  I did 4x3 with 60kg and my technique and bar speed were very good.

Last night we had a pool session that was both therapeutic and effective training.  We went to the deep end and did unloaded movements.  Moving around and fluttering with the grace of a synchronized swim team, even if that team is the caddies in the pool from Caddyshack!  Doodie!

David Dancer circa 2060!

After the pool workout, Carl and I went to Panera Bread.  While I typically insult those who go to places for a soup, salad and sandwich (sorry Craig and Brooks!); I must say that the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich was actually quite good and I think I'll be back for another.

Currently I'm watching Las Vegas, the basketball episode, and having some breakfast.  Tonight's workout should be another sprint session and I'm ready to put in some good work.  

On another front, after I proclaimed winter to be at it's end following a near brush with 50 degrees on Monday, Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog decided otherwise!  I don't think we have gone above freezing since my proclamation and it snowed all day on Tuesday!  Even our beloved Naples experienced freezing temperatures this week, take that Al Gore!

Thanks Phil!

God Bless,



  1. Is Punxsutawney Phil really the groundhogs name? If so... you officially know WAY too much.

  2. I read it on Fox News a couple of days ago, I think he bit someone too! I think Charlie would like him!

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