Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Home Stretch

Today marks 12 days out from Pro Day!  Currently the plan is to run on the grass fields at the Highers Complex.  Although scouts consider grass to be the slowest surface to run on, I am pleased with this decision and know I'll be ready to perform.

Tuesday I did a pool workout in the morning and an upper body bench session at night.  I hit 345 for a single followed by 225x19 times.  Things are going according to plan and I believe I'll do around 23 reps on Pro Day.  Wednesday morning we woke up early and worked out at Athletic Evolution in Woburn.  Despite being slightly fatigued and not fully awake I managed to jump 37.5 inches in the vertical leap.  All my systems are rounding into form and I'm confident I'll peak March 3rd.

This morning I had more soft-tissue work done.  I can't stress how invaluable this has been for me.  In this business your body is subjected to tremendous loads and forces, sometimes only manual therapy can set things back in the right position.  It's very similar to a tune-up for a performance race car and I'll continue to use these methods for the duration of my career.

Saturday is a big day in our training phase and in the overall big picture for my draft status.  We will be electronically timing a 40 with SPARQ timing gates, doing a vertical jump, a broad jump, shuttle drills and a 225 rep max.  We'll be posting the results on YouTube for the world to see, I have nothing to hide!



  1. Several Things,

    A) Can't belive you called me out on the volleyball thing when my partner was Craig. You begged not to have him on your team after he 'head'rd' you guys to a loss in Spikefest if I remember.

    B) It's time to come back to Texas as it is sunny at 70 degrees today.

    C) It's also time to enjoy a Spring Ale.

    D) Finally, I wish you could run on the track at the SLC, I hand timed you at 4.28 twice 2 semesters ago! Grass is too slow.


  2. Good man, can't wait to see your results from this Saturday! Keep up the good work.